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Coverlight 18oz 61" Wide- OUTDOOR Topping
Coverlight 18oz 61' Wide- OUTDOOR Topping

Coverlight 18oz 61" Wide- OUTDOOR Topping


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Coverlight II is a highly functional textile for situations demanding a strong, long-lasting tarp fabric. The high-quality tarp fabric withstands tears, abrasions, rips, and punctures. It functions well for a range of flat, fitted, special-duty, and truck tarps.

The economical cover fabric features a soft hand for easy fabrication. Made of vinyl-coated polyester, it remains strong and handles easily at very low temperatures.
 Lpw te,[ MIL-C 2069E Par 4.3.7...-40 degrees celcius

Width: 61 in. Weight: 18 oz Roll size: 50 yards.

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